study vibes


May the rain gods and the sun gods and the academic gods and the retention of knowledge gods bless this school year for everyone. Here’s a compilation of Nick Hakim and a little Tom Misch that’s nice in your ears while studying, if you’re someone who can handle that audible stimulation with your GPA resting in your hands.

<3 lucie <3

Sat Er Day


WTF IS UP. HOPE YOU ALL HAD A NICE WEEK and happy 6:31 pm.

I found some good songs so you didn’t have to. Please listen to all of them even though I know you don’t feel like it.

Avid Dancer // Stop Playing With My Heart

Los Angeles Police Department // She Came Through (Again)

Cloud Life // Deadly

The Buttertones // Orpheus Under The Influence

R.L. Kelly // You’re Not The Only Monster From Hell

Yours truly,