M83- masters of all things epic and emotional. Highly experienced in movie trailer soundtracks that will inexplicably cause you to see that movie anyways, regardless of its actual quality.

On August 25, M83’s label, Mute Records will shoot into the earth’s atmosphere their first three albums. By the way these three albums are probably brand-spankin-new to most of you, as they have never been available on any regular platform like iTunes or Spotify.

Now, you all get to watch a brand-spankin-new music vid to Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun in celebration of this monumental event. WATCH NOW OR REGRET.


Don’t Bother Me


 Can’t you see I’m WORKIN’

Toro Y Moi’s side project named Les Sins has announced the November 4th release date for its latest LP called Michael. Here is a nice single from the album. Also if you’re planning on attending FYF down in Los Angeles this weekend, be sure to see Les Sins perform (cuz.. it’s Chaz Bundick of Toro Y Moi.. if you didn’t pick up on that…)

Les Sins // Bother


Black Keys x A Female Cult


The Black Keys has just released a music video/short film for their song Weight of Love. The band has big shoes to fill, being one of the only and most bad ass groups around these days, but they’ve definitely knocked it out of the park in the music / music video ball game. This new video for Weight of Love seems to be the sequel to their Fever vid, only it involves a bunch of Nike wearing, linen cloaked angels with model Lara Stone as their cult-leader. I think you just have to watch it for yourself…