Top 7 Album Covers of 2011

Here are my choices for the top 7 album covers of 2011. I’m sure there are an incredible amount of cool album covers out there but here are just a few that I’ve seen.

1. Cut/Copy Zonoscope


Zonoscope is the third studio album by Australian electronic band Cut/Copy. The cover art, showing New York City engulfed in a waterfall, was created by the Japanese photomontage artist Tsunehisa Kimura.

2. Metronomy The English Riviera

The English Riviera

The cover for electro-pop Metronomy’s The English Reviera borrows the former logo of the English Riviera Tourist Board.

3. Real Estate Days


The second album by psychedelic surf-pop band Real Estate. I’m a huge fan of typography paired with washed out colors.

4. Jay-Z and Kanye West Watch The Throne

Watch the Throne

I love this cover for the flashiness of the solid gold look. Looks exactly as I would picture the very tracks would.

5. Grouplove Grouplove


Grouplove’s first EP. I love this cover for the colors and the title. Also love the songs on this one too.

6. Cults Cults


This album cover just really makes me want to dance. And when you press play on the songs of this album you really can’t help but do just that.


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