fucha scru 4


Here’s a VErrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy insane set by Trill Scott Heron, a dj from texASS with a unique-ASS sound. To answer your question, yes, this is 1 hour and 11 minutes long but trust me when I say you need to listen to the entire thing. So set aside a mere sliver of your day to sit down (or hit the gym.. or something..) and get lo$t in this mix. For quick results, or for the impatient man, skip to about 23 mins for ultimate life changing. Or to about 31 mins and 40 seconds for a total mind blower. Or if you’re looking to get kinda weird, head on over to about 44 mins and 20 seconds. Also minutes 46//47 are sick but you guys probably won’t even take my advice..

Like I said, those skip suggestions are really for the impatient man, but if you really know how to use your noggin just listen to the whole damn mix because it’s all incredible. Thanks 4 ur time.


Trill Scott Heron :: Future Screw IV


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