Archie / Zoo Kid / King Krule

Archie Marshall of London graced the world with his 19 year old voice initially as “Zoo Kid.”  Zoo Kid released both Ocean Bed and Out Getting Ribs as singles in 2010 and has been excelling as a musician ever since.    The sound of Marshall’s songs as Zoo Kid have a more distinct electric guitar sound than his newer tracks as King Krule which have more electronic sounding backbeats.  When converting to King Krule, Marshall released his first full length album including The Noose of Jah City (video above) and Portrait in Black and Blue.

King Krule is onto his second album which is said to release this September (yay!!).   Easy Easy (a track from the upcoming album) was released just yesterday along with a music video to match.  The music vid is pretty rad, since King Krule is so sick, its awesome to watch a video which really just focuses on him.  This was the first music video I had seen by King Krule and to be honest, I was super surprised with how Archie Marshall looked.  Not only is he a redhead (luv it) but he is a lot younger than I had expected.  Yet another angxty teen to bond with.   3nj0y.


Check out this Mount Kimbie beat featuring King Krule;;;;;


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