Give it 2 your new sweet <3

tumblr_mopc1kovhH1r87i11o1_500Ambassadeurs first graced the world with their funky yet suspenseful tracks in 2010, but their big seller… M.O.P.E. was released last year.  This is basically their only popular song but MAN IS IT GOOD.  The vocals of this song are actually sampled from Martha and the Vandellas’ “Come and Get These Memories,”  off of their 1963 album.  Before MOPE, Ambassadeur E.P. was released with tracks such as Memphis (this one’s rad) and Vahlia in January 2010.  This album includes a slim 4 songs, but unlike most electronic artists, Ambassadeur manages to keep the variety within each of his tracks exceptionally.

Luckily for us all,  Ambassadeur released his second album, Trouble just this month.  The tracks of this album have more a higher tone to them and they use much more repetitive samples, but I dig it.  Trouble definitely represents songs similar to MOPE much more so than Ambassadeurs earlier album release.  3nj0y & ^ppr3ci^t3



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