Woah, okay, it’s finally here you guys. Remember a few weeks ago when I posted the James Blake and Chance the Rapper collaboration called Life Round Here as well as how Chance leaked that there would possibly be an upcoming video including “everything from horses to Somalian pirates and Chevy Impalas” ??????????? Well that ‘possible upcoming video’ has just dropped via youtube. As far as I can see, there are no horses or Somalian pirates, but then again I might not be focusing hard enough because it IS one of the sickest collabs EVER and their voices and whole badass looks really have me distracted.. Anyways, here is the video, please take your time and keep all hands and feet inside the Chevy Impala at all times, thank you and have a great night- or morning depending on where you are in the world at this moment. (shout out to my New Zealand homies traveling through Italy ha).


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