One time I went to a summer festival at the Santa Barbara Bowl because Lykke Li was supposed to play but then she got laryngitis or something random so she couldn’t even do the freakin’ concert. And that’s a story of unrequited love between Lykke Li and myself (which is funny because she has a song called Unrequited Love and it’s super good..), and how my obsession with her has since become slightly alarming and very unhealthy.

I’ve been following her facebook feed for quite some time now, waiting patiently for any hints of new music (among her seriously beautiful film/photography/personal music taste), and ALAS!!!!! Finally she has posted, out of the blue, a music video for a brand new single called I Never Learn. I did some research about the story with this random yet beautiful masterpiece and found out that she will release a new album on MAY 5- cool because cinco de mayo and the day before my birthday- called I Never Learn. Stay tuned because I’ll probably be throwing any more released singles / the album itself up on here as they come.

I’m gonna stop talking now and let you watch this music video.


always ur girl


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