Mixtape 2: Violet

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Violet Cheverez: flower, purple person, mixed media artist ☆

This image is from an essay about the mayor of Bogotá- Professor Mockus- by Doris Sommer. In the image, mimes were hired to replace traffic police to stop jaywalking. Listen to this while you cross the street BUT only step on the white parts of the crosswalk or else you’ll break your moms back.”

Enjoy it.
click here to say hi to Violet and her flowers.
click here to read the essay Violet is talking about.



Girls Girls Money 2.0


GGM is on its way back y’alls. We are excited as ever to try out something new, so rather than tirelessly hunting down and posting small batches of tracks every other day like GGM was run before, we’re enlisting our nearest and dearest friends to help us out. Every week or two, we’ll be featuring a new mixtape by ourselves or a friend who shows themselves to be artistically worthy of the fame and glory that comes with this blog………………. ☆☆☆☆☆

Mixtape 1 is by DJ Lulu of Girls Girls Money because she’s all we could afford for our first post back :/ 

20 tracks inspired by my jaunt through the Nordic Countries over this summer (umm a sketch above). Straight up, intense saturation of beautiful historic architecture and natuuuuure with a dense blast of the most expensive gorgeous street style I’ve ever experienced. My most swaggiest outfits were shit compared to the Copenhagen style.

☆Also, sorry if you don’t f w/ spotify but that’s the platform we’ll be using for mixtapes unless anyone can offer a better alternative for mass media influence brain wash music blogging☆


Good Times



I know therz gonna be gud times

Catch Jamie xx’s new alb In Colour dropping June 1

In the mean time, here’s an incredible single he just dropped with Young Thug:

Jamie xx // I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) ft. Young Thug


Be Cool Now


Anyone seen Silicon Valley? Because it is a highly DOPE television show that includes an evenly DOPE song during the end credits of every episode.

This last week’s was a fiery little tune which you can listen to below. You’re so welcome.

Shirt // Phantom (Redux)


still fruity


HELLO FAM! So SO dearly sorry for abandoning GGM for a hot second, la escuela is taking up a large portion of this gal’s time. I hope that whoever reads this blog these days will accept my cyber apology.

To make up for it, here are FOUR entire songs that I have enjoyed in the last couple weeks or so.


Soft Lit // I Can’t Help It

Astronauts, etc // I Know

Rihanna // Bitch Better Have My Money

Jamie XX // Loud Places feat. Romy

i love u