I want you

To really want me too

Sup pups happy Mon-daay

Here’s a super fly tune which I discovered through my headphones as I sat staring out the window of the 5th floor of the library, which I also just discovered today. It’s boring up there- 10/10 don’t recommend unless you have to research something boring.

On the other hand, I 10/10 DO recommend this song.


HONNE // All In The Value



p.s. photo by Patagonia haha

study vibes


May the rain gods and the sun gods and the academic gods and the retention of knowledge gods bless this school year for everyone. Here’s a compilation of Nick Hakim and a little Tom Misch that’s nice in your ears while studying, if you’re someone who can handle that audible stimulation with your GPA resting in your hands.

❤ lucie ❤

Sat Er Day


WTF IS UP. HOPE YOU ALL HAD A NICE WEEK and happy 6:31 pm.

I found some good songs so you didn’t have to. Please listen to all of them even though I know you don’t feel like it.

Avid Dancer // Stop Playing With My Heart

Los Angeles Police Department // She Came Through (Again)

Cloud Life // Deadly

The Buttertones // Orpheus Under The Influence

R.L. Kelly // You’re Not The Only Monster From Hell

Yours truly,