Scared of Willow Smith


She just covered King Krule’s track Easy Easy. 

And it rules.

She’s only been on this planet for 13 years and already has people four times her age envious of her talent. My life is in shambles.

Willow Smith // Easy Easy (King Krule cover)

haha I can’t stop listening to it. I hate Willow Smith.

I actually love her,

Chet Faker and the Other Guys


By now you probably can tell that Girls Girls Money loves a little Chet Faker at like, any moment of the day..

I stumbled across this insanely ridiculous video of Chet Faker covering Sonia Dada’s Lover with 10 random (and obviously musically talented) pals. It might be the most beautiful thing I’ve heard all week or month or year. Listen/watch below.

You’re welcome, again.


beautiful plus beautiful


This was performed and recorded almost 2 years ago, but who cares.

Because who doesn’t want to hear Father John Misty cover The Flaming Lips‘ Do You Realize?? 

~~~~~thank me frickin’ later~~~~~


also: buy Josh Tilman’s fragrance Innocence by Misty because it’s ridiculous that he has a $%$*&$ fragrance. Plus it costs 75  dollars so I’m pinning it on you guys to go and buy it cause I definitely will not- even though it will probably make me smell like a fairy orange blossom princess.



Mega cool vibes here. SOBO‘s vocals lure you in second by second in this track called Shadow’s Reflect.

Here is also another one of their tracks, a cover of Nelly Furtado’s song Maneater, which makes me feel like I’m in a 1960’s black and white experimental film of two girls battling (physically and violently, duh..) over the rein of their high school drama scene. Anyone else get that extremely vivid picture? Sweet. Me too. Here’s the song..