Getting Tropical


Recently came up on a plethora of v nice tunes

LUCKY 4 U GUYS cuz I write this music blog that I usually share music on..

(that photo is me saying “yay!” at this blog post right now)

Goldroom x White Cliffs // Till Sunrise

Baauer // One Touch feat. AlunaGeorge & Rae Sremmurd

Zak Abel // These Are The Days

bye now
Lu Lu



To apologize for the lack of posting amidst this strange time in everyone’s lives (god damn holidayz), I present to you a beautiful playlist made by yours truly, as well as the photo you see above. That photo is pimpin’ as hell and you cannot deny that it makes you feel good. Included in this short but sweet playlist are a few songs by Chakra Efendi, a small known beat wizard, Celeste, Ghadimi, and my boy Tom Misch to name a few.

Get festive but keep it real.
Happy Chrismahannukwanza.

Lucie and the rest of the staff at GGM

Why you gotta act like


Why you gotta act like I ain’t gon’ remember you

You look so damn sexy when you do the things you do

This song has been stuck in my head for 3 days now.

I now pass it on to you lunatics, in the hopes of somehow removing the haunting lyrics from my cranium.

Have a  super duper dope Wednesday

Spooky Black // Remember You (Tommy Jacob Remix)

love always,