Wear. Sunscreen.


Ok alright yes ok wow,

Here’s a fiery, yet smooth-as-butter, remix of an ACTUAL commencement speech written by a gal named Mary Schmich, that was turned into a dope spoken word song called Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen) by Baz Luhrmann in 1998. Watch the original and very retro music video for the song HERE.

Baz Luhrmann // Wear Sunscreen (Mau Kilauea Remix)

Trust me


Just stay with me here.

Adult Mom // I Think I’m Old Enough

If you didn’t like that song, try this one:


If you weren’t feeling that one, listen to this one:

Seekae // Monster

Okay you have to like this one:

Laura Welsh // Hollow Drum

Seriously if you don’t like any of those you’re messed up in the cranium and should see a specialist.





And in the far right corner, weighing in at (I won’t try to guess his weight), aged 17 (yeah he’s 17), is Sam Gellaitry. Master of releasing a ton of really short but masterfully created previews of singles, this lil’ homie looks very promising. His designated genre ranges anywhere from deep house to trap and just about everything in between, so I guess you could say he really doesn’t have a designated genre…?

And last but not least, one of the best Drake reworks I’ve ever heard, is his track drake. Obviously since he’s the master of extremely short but beautiful songs, it’s only 54 freakin’ seconds long. So this is a PSA to the music world to message this kid and tell him to give the people what they want and drop an extended version.

Tribute Song x Goldy

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 2.25.39 PMHey guys, Goldy is a band of super hot guys from Santa Barbara and they made an impromptu tribute song to this blog because they love us so much. Listen to Girls Girls Money Xx (below) and then attend their show tonight @ Velvet Jones. They r opening for Dylan / Tao , and also added in to that incredible mix will be a dj set by Willard Pulice that will forcefully remove your bra and/or knickers FOR YOU!! #way #cool

Everyone come it’s going to be off the chain.

Now listen to these lunatics:

thanks, bye

Oxy Swag Got Me Sad

tumblr_manyuzsAZS1r05jkho1_500Hey cool humans-
I’m just now remembering that I’ve definitely posted this here many months ago, but this is a beautiful but unfinished EP called Five Weeks by a certain lad by the name of Dali Mcdonald and his other really talented friends.
I’ll tell a dumb lil story real quick- I found two songs from this collection- Oxy Swag and Blue Eyes and Black Jeans- via a friend, reposted them on soundcloud, then probably posted them here upon falling in love with them. THEN, my OTHER friend Violet who was studying abroad in Italy MET frickin’ Dali himself in the exchange program she was in (!!!!?!?? still weirds me out).. Somehow Violet found out that he was the one I had recently posted about, and ALAS- a new friendship was forged from thousands of miles away. Thanks girl, you win a lot of points.

So that’s how I discovered Five Weeks. And here it is, in all its glory. Enjoy. Hi Dali. Hi Violet.

❤ ❤ Lucie ❤ ❤

p.s. I just noticed that sick little note in the description of the post on bandcamp shouting me out. swerve. bye.