Come Over


Oh my stars, this track is at the tip-top-TIP of the scale of ~bangers~. It’s a perfect blend of “I might still be asleep from that nap because nothing feels real,” and “Oh my god this club is going off tonight call Becky she needs to get here like now.”

You’re probably thinking to yourself HOW IN THE WORLD IS THAT FEELING POSSIBLE?! But as soon as you press play you’ll know.

Keita Juma // Come Over feat. Brendan Philip 



Madonna? 2015?



Here’s Madonna’s latest single Living For Love which is a total banger, by Tom Haverford’s standards of course. Take a listen down below and start your lively Wednesday night off RIGHT, u feel?! #TGIW

Madonna // Living For Love




To apologize for the lack of posting amidst this strange time in everyone’s lives (god damn holidayz), I present to you a beautiful playlist made by yours truly, as well as the photo you see above. That photo is pimpin’ as hell and you cannot deny that it makes you feel good. Included in this short but sweet playlist are a few songs by Chakra Efendi, a small known beat wizard, Celeste, Ghadimi, and my boy Tom Misch to name a few.

Get festive but keep it real.
Happy Chrismahannukwanza.

Lucie and the rest of the staff at GGM