Sorry in advance


I’m apologizing to you now because almost immediately after listening to this song you will be walking around your house reciting these lyrics until your brain turns to mush. The Hood Internet has done it again kiddies. This time they’ve mashed up STRKFKR and 2 Chainz (yes it is possible). Press play and don’t say I didn’t warn you, it’s catchy as **$@($%#)(*%.


Some Very Prominent People Are Not Anyone’s Favorite

Here is an amazingly well put together mixtape by Blalock called My Favorite. It’s one of my favorite compilations of songs and it combines everything awesome into one:

(00:00) Coma Cinema – Her Sinking Sun
(03:04) Ra Ra Riot – Keep It Quiet (Bear)
(06:24) Radical Face – Welcome Home (Reprise)
(08:32) Frightened Rabbit – Man/Bag of Sand
(10:24) Perfume Genius – Your Drum
(11:56) Coma Cinema – Only
(14:32) Menomena – Dirty Cartoons

It also takes vocal clips from a short film called Are You The Favorite Person of Anybody?   which is about a man played by John C. Reilly, who asks strangers on the street if they are anyone’s favorite person based on a scale from “very certain” to “not so sure” to “could be.” The words from it are perfectly paired with Blalock’s mixtape.