Some of you may already know, but Theophilus London has some new tunes, and they’re nothing short of incredible. One of my favorite tracks off the new alb Vibes is Can’t Stop, and it features Kanye goddamn West. I really appreciate this one because of how much it resembles OG KANYE and OG THEO. Throwing me back to my days as a young tike with an unexplainable obsession for those two fellas.

Sorry about the inability to embed the track all pretty and what not, Illuminati has that shit on lock.

United States of Theo

tumblr_m4e5t7NdOt1r7jq3lo1_1280Hold up,
Theophilus London.

Not only has he been one of the most stylish musicians in the game for a long while, he’s now working on a project with Karl Lagerfeld, just dropped this new single, AND announced that he is starting an “all-female creative intelligence agency,” (which sounds insane).

Theophilus London // Tribe (feat. Jesse Boykins III)

❤ lu

I’m Burnin For You

Karen O (of Yeah Yeah Yeahs) always has something spectacular to offer to the wonderful world of music. Latest is an acoustic single Day Go By, a preview track for her upcoming debut solo album Crush Songs. ‘Day Go By’ is the second single released from the album, the first being “Rapt” which was accompanied by a peacefully creepy video of K-O floating in a pool with some cool lighting and non-swim appropriate gear on. …(just watch the damn video yourself)

Ok now back to the highlight of this post:

Karen O // Day Go By




P.z. I forgot to mention that the album drops Sept. 9th through Julian Casablancas’ label CULT RECORDS.




M83- masters of all things epic and emotional. Highly experienced in movie trailer soundtracks that will inexplicably cause you to see that movie anyways, regardless of its actual quality.

On August 25, M83’s label, Mute Records will shoot into the earth’s atmosphere their first three albums. By the way these three albums are probably brand-spankin-new to most of you, as they have never been available on any regular platform like iTunes or Spotify.

Now, you all get to watch a brand-spankin-new music vid to Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun in celebration of this monumental event. WATCH NOW OR REGRET.


Don’t Bother Me


 Can’t you see I’m WORKIN’

Toro Y Moi’s side project named Les Sins has announced the November 4th release date for its latest LP called Michael. Here is a nice single from the album. Also if you’re planning on attending FYF down in Los Angeles this weekend, be sure to see Les Sins perform (cuz.. it’s Chaz Bundick of Toro Y Moi.. if you didn’t pick up on that…)

Les Sins // Bother


Get Weird Wednesday


Music videos- usually really dope, sometimes a huge WTF, but always pleasing to the senses. I present to you some of the best new songs accompanied by their very own vidz.

FKA Twigs // Two Weeks

Royksopp & Robyn // Monument

Wild Beasts // Sweet Spot

And then of course there’s Jamie xx doing his thing really ****ing well.. ALWAYS..

Jamie xx // All Under One Roof Raving

Jamie xx // Girl

Forever ur girl,




1. La Roux is one of the overall coolest women in the world and I don’t really care that much if you disagree with me.

2. She has absolutely hit it on the head with her latest masterpiece.

And 3. Apparently my favorite song with the coolest name (called Sexotheque) on her new album Trouble in Paradise has been hidden from the internet altogether. Which is stupid and aggravating so I am forced to make you tangerines listen to it via Spotify. Here you go and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:

La Roux // Sexotheque

Hopefully that embedding magic works ^

Yours truly,


Visual proof that she embodies the word “cool” and when she walks by anyone they probably uncontrollably murmur the word “cool.” :::::

Ooey Gooey


Glass Animals- usually tacky as home decor but wonderful as a synth-pop boy band.

Glass Animals the BAND has recently released their debut album ‘Zaba,’ and I wanna shed tears at its beauty. Listen to a few tokens from the album below.

Glass Animals // Gooey

Glass Animals // Holiest feat. Tei-Shi

Glass Animals // Pools

Love U Always,