Some of you may already know, but Theophilus London has some new tunes, and they’re nothing short of incredible. One of my favorite tracks off the new alb Vibes is Can’t Stop, and it features Kanye goddamn West. I really appreciate this one because of how much it resembles OG KANYE and OG THEO. Throwing me back to my days as a young tike with an unexplainable obsession for those two fellas.

Sorry about the inability to embed the track all pretty and what not, Illuminati has that shit on lock.


United States of Theo

tumblr_m4e5t7NdOt1r7jq3lo1_1280Hold up,
Theophilus London.

Not only has he been one of the most stylish musicians in the game for a long while, he’s now working on a project with Karl Lagerfeld, just dropped this new single, AND announced that he is starting an “all-female creative intelligence agency,” (which sounds insane).

Theophilus London // Tribe (feat. Jesse Boykins III)

❤ lu

I’m Burnin For You

Karen O (of Yeah Yeah Yeahs) always has something spectacular to offer to the wonderful world of music. Latest is an acoustic single Day Go By, a preview track for her upcoming debut solo album Crush Songs. ‘Day Go By’ is the second single released from the album, the first being “Rapt” which was accompanied by a peacefully creepy video of K-O floating in a pool with some cool lighting and non-swim appropriate gear on. …(just watch the damn video yourself)

Ok now back to the highlight of this post:

Karen O // Day Go By




P.z. I forgot to mention that the album drops Sept. 9th through Julian Casablancas’ label CULT RECORDS.