Kanyizzle x McCartnizzle


For those who have not heard, today is the first day of 2015 and we are about 15% done with the century. Similarly, Kanye West- also known as the Dark Lord, Father of All Holy Beings, World’s Most Confident Specimen, New Age Philosopher, etc.- just released a new track with Paul McCartney called Only One. 

I can’t stop listening to this sh*z. It is crazy nutso to see good ol Ye’s progression to this point, as an artist, a songwriter and producer, and as a human bean. One would not expect such early-2002-esque vibes that this song delivers but it’s definitely something quite beautiful.

This next alb is going to be something else I tell ya.





There’s a river flowing to nowhere

There’s a place for us

But no one is there


There are just some people in the world that were blessed from the almighty vocal chord heavens with the ability to bring someone to happy-tears. And a perfect example of one of those people is Mara TK of Electric Wire Hustle. 


Electric Wire Hustle // Tom Boy

Get Weird Wednesday


Music videos- usually really dope, sometimes a huge WTF, but always pleasing to the senses. I present to you some of the best new songs accompanied by their very own vidz.

FKA Twigs // Two Weeks

Royksopp & Robyn // Monument

Wild Beasts // Sweet Spot

And then of course there’s Jamie xx doing his thing really ****ing well.. ALWAYS..

Jamie xx // All Under One Roof Raving

Jamie xx // Girl

Forever ur girl,