Why you gotta act like


Why you gotta act like I ain’t gon’ remember you

You look so damn sexy when you do the things you do

This song has been stuck in my head for 3 days now.

I now pass it on to you lunatics, in the hopes of somehow removing the haunting lyrics from my cranium.

Have a  super duper dope Wednesday

Spooky Black // Remember You (Tommy Jacob Remix)

love always,



And in the far right corner, weighing in at (I won’t try to guess his weight), aged 17 (yeah he’s 17), is Sam Gellaitry. Master of releasing a ton of really short but masterfully created previews of singles, this lil’ homie looks very promising. His designated genre ranges anywhere from deep house to trap and just about everything in between, so I guess you could say he really doesn’t have a designated genre…?

And last but not least, one of the best Drake reworks I’ve ever heard, is his track drake. Obviously since he’s the master of extremely short but beautiful songs, it’s only 54 freakin’ seconds long. So this is a PSA to the music world to message this kid and tell him to give the people what they want and drop an extended version.



you have no idea. Fairly new to the game but beautiful beat maker Jacuzzi has just dropped Mizu EP . Download it all FO FREE here !!!!!

Here is “Exodus“. Right when you start to get lulled into a trance by the build up of the orchestra, things get real weird. See for yourself here:

Jacuzzi // Exodus // Mizu EP