Tom Misch is one of the most insanely talented 19 year olds I’ve ever encountered in my whole damn life.

He’s a composer, songwriter, guitarist, singer AND violinist. You’ve just been schooled by Tom Misch, and you probably haven’t even pressed play yet.

Here are a few of his latest and greatest tracks:

Tom Misch // Karma (feat. Loyle Carner)

Tom Misch // Moving Faster

Bearcubs x Tom Misch // Colours of Freedom

And he says he’s currently working on a full EP with singer Carmody. Here’s a taste on the kind of stuff they’ve done together:

Tom Misch & Carmody // Release You

WOWWWW HE IS JUST SO GOOD. Please explore the rest of his soundcloud on another occasion, or right now, or whatever.

peace and love,


Also, photo credit: 
Aymeline Valade photographed by Jan Welters for Antidote S/S 2012

Tryna’ Make Some Money For My Fam


Under the likes of Rejjie Snow, Archie Marshall, Ratking, etc. etc. etc..

I present to you, freckled London honey,


Fresh off the presses is his first legit EP titled A Little Late. It’s a bundle of about 6 songs that you’ll probably have on repeat for the rest of your day.

Plus he samples from Donnie and Joe Emerson’s Baby, so he had my attention right from the very first track in the set.

You won’t be disappointed.

Ur Girl,